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[15 May 2005|09:34pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

"Why don't we head up to the bedroom, and you can change into more comfortable clothes and wait for Willow and Kennedy to arrive? Once you're up there, I'll see to the cleaning up. That'll be just fine, won't it, darling?"

I had simply nodded at Wesley before making my way toward the room where he would supposedly show me how to become his wife fully. The books, I was certain, had not prepared me for what I would experience later.

I changed out of the uncomfortable wedding gown and into clothing that had been purchased for me by Wesley's mother, who I was certain by this point detested me. It was a gown of burgundy, knee-length, that did nothing to set off my blue locks.

Sighing, I simply stared at my husband without saying a word. Certainly he must have known what I was thinking. The books, after all, stated that it was a husband's duty to read his wife's mind.

As Wesley began cleaning as I had told him to do, a knock at our door was heard. I waited for what seemed an interminable amount of time before going to the door myself.

"Yes?" I asked through the door, since apparently there were no servants to open it for us. Perhaps whoever i was could open it from the other side...?

"Who is it?"

((Open to Willow, Wesley, etc.))

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The more the merrier [12 Mar 2005|12:19am]

[ mood | busy ]

Wesley held me and placed a kiss upon me, pulling me upwards until I was no longer bent forward. "But, I had thought that--"

"Eventually, love. But I promise you, if you're willing to wait until Cordy is here and settled in and we can be alone in our room, then I will show you why it will take more than twenty minutes to give you a very great deal of pleasure. All right, dear?"

More than twenty minutes? Intriguing. I had no idea that it would take so much longer to--

"Wait. Wesley, why is it that I know nothing of our marital relations, yet you seem to have first-hand knowledge?" I turned within the circle of his arms and narrowed my eyes at him slightly. "You were the one who said we should wait."

Before he could answer, however, the phone rang once again. As I brushed him aside angrily, I spoke over my shoulder. "This conversation is not yet finished!" I picked the phone up once more and spoke. "Hello?"

Perhaps it was Cordy lost yet again. It would not surprise me that my husband had failed concerning directions.


"Willow!" I grinned and looked toward my husband. "It is Will. My best friend! She is finally calling!" I spun back and spoke to her through the phone. "Yes?"

"What are the chances that there is a spare bedroom in a certain big, beautiful and assumingly sound structure of a house I just drove by a few moments ago? And that you don't mind two people staying in it?"

"There are plenty of spare bedrooms," I informed her, "and I assume you speak of your life-partner, Kennedy, to accompany you?"

I whispered to Wesley as I covered the phone with my hand. "Apparently Willow and Kennedy also require a place to stay. I am telling her yes at the moment."

I uncovered the phone and continued. "Cordy will be here soon, as well. Please come! And bring food with you," I added, in case Cordy forgot or became lost to the various highways and freeways in the area.

As I hung up, I walked back to my husband, trying to recall what we had been discussing, when my eye caught a box that read WESLEY on the side. Curious, I opened it to find...

"Why are all of these women naked and collected into various photos that you have acquired?"

((Open to Wesley, Willow, Kennedy, and Cordelia))

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Home ' Not So Sweet' Home [04 Mar 2005|01:20pm]

"Huh," I stood in the entryway of our new home and spun in a slow, deliberate circle, taking all of it in. At least, what little there was to take in. "Not so much like the pictures put with the listing on the internet." I looked over to where Kennedy stood, little particles of dust floating between us, marring the view. Yes that is right, the bits of dust that were flitting around were actually big enough to take away from the sight of my girlfriend.

No - on second thought, nothing could do that. This was just being annoying.


A creaking noise sounded overhead.

"Incoming," I called loudly, moving to wrap my arms around Kennedy as a large piece of detailed plaster crashed from the ceiling, scattering about the broken-tiled foyer.

Huh again. This I could do.

"Incoming," this time I whispered the word, ignoring my impulsive purchase that was literally falling apart around us and choosing instead to lean in for a kiss. I teased the corner of her mouth with my tongue, sighing happily at the natural way we moved together --- only to break away suddenly, coughing.


Nope. This was not going to cut it.

Nothing interupts my Kennedy kissage.

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Friends [24 Feb 2005|03:11pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Wesley repaired the box that had attacked me, so hopefully, it would not do so again. After a few moments, he began what he called 'preparing' our food.

I saw no evidence of this, however.

A noise shocked me, and I jumped back slightly, peering at the box until Wesley pulled forth what he called our 'meals', and held them before me along with the scissors I had located.

"As we've only the one pair, I didn't think you'd mind me waiting on you a bit. Open wide."

This was absurd. Of course I did not mind him waiting upon me. I opened my mouth since, at this point, I was utterly hungry and did not care in the least what he decided to put into my mouth, when the phone rang.

"Is this our first phone call in our new home?"

It was somewhat exciting. After all, Wesley had no friends, so it must have been one of mine calling.

I picked up the phone and held it to me ear. Perhaps a large gathering of sorts was in order...


((Open to...all!))

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... and Something Blue [20 Feb 2005|09:24pm]

It wasn't until the actual wedding that I came to realize that not a great many people really got mine and Illyria's relationship. Then again, there were times-- not that I would actually admit to my new wife-- that I wasn't sure if I entirely understood us. But that was, as far as I knew, a hallmark of just about every relationship, and especially for one as complicated and unusual as ours.

The wedding was a fairly large affair, despite the fact that virtually the entire guest list had been culled from my family and friends. Father had balked a bit when we'd visited England so I could introduce Illyria to him and Mother. When I stood quite firmly on the fact that we'd be wed, and vaguely threatened that we were considering eloping to Las Vegas, his tune changed. It had almost been as fierce a battle as Mother had faced insisting that Illyria wear a proper wedding dress rather than her usual attire.

But now, the hall was empty, the guests on their way home or to hotel rooms, and our small corner of Napa Valley in California was quiet again. At the moment, Illyria and I were sitting in the back of the limousine that had whisked us away after the reception.

Unlike most couples, though, instead of being bound for the airport, we were heading to our new home. Scheduling difficulties had necessitated postponing our honeymoon for a few weeks, which ended up a blessing in disguise. As Illyria and I had separate living arrangements prior to being married, we now had an entire surprisingly large home to move into. Our things-- my things, really-- had all been moved, but not unpacked.

Glancing over at my new wife, I could only smile. There was little ahead that I could see past the joys married life and the adventure of learning what it would be like living with someone for the first time. Oh, certainly, Illyria had her small foibles and miscellaneous habits, but I'd learned a good deal already, and was positive that they'd be more than adorable.

Finally, the limousine passed through the wrought-iron gate, and up the drive to the front door. I took in the huge, three-story house, or rather, estate. Settled in the heart of wine country, it was a present from Father that I hadn't expected. There was more than enough room for us, and I wondered what we'd do with it all.

The long vehicle slid to a stop, and I heard the crunch of the driver's shoes on the gravel driveway. The door opened, and I climbed out. Smiling, I turned to Illyria and held out my arms in what I was sure was the traditional way, ready to carry my new bride across the threshold.

"Honey," I said brightly, "we're home."

((Open to Illyria))

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